The company ”M.A.CO” maintains its customers at the center of its concerns by offering a product that meets their requirements in the making of technical articles.

Management stresses the importance of satisfying customer requirements and Regulatory and legal requirements.

This Quality Policy is based on the following axes / objectives :
Satisfaction of clients’ needs and expectations,
Improved product quality.
Continuous improvement of the efficiency of the quality management system,
Improved employee qualifications
To achieve these objectives I commit myself to:
Satisfy the requirements and continuously improve the efficiency of quality system,
Maintain an appropriate environment that allows employees to get involved in achieving objectives.
Provide the necessary resources for the implementation of the quality system,
This quality policy as well as the quality objectives are examined systematically
during the management review, they may be reviewed at the request of the representative of the direction in case of necessity.

The company “M.A.CO” has a triple certification which is the only clothing company
ISO 9001 : 2008
ISO 14 001 : 2004
OHSAS 18 001 : 2007